Grill-cooking is Tasty and Healthy.

Cooking on a grill not only adds a smoked-flavor to prepared food, but also helps unlock the real and natural taste of food. It is no wonder why so many demanding gourmets enjoys grilled food. Even during cold winters, they still cook on a grill (in their garages)!

In addition, grill-cooked food is healthy because it contains less fat than either broiled or fried food. The saturated (meat) fat is drained away by heat from the flame underneath achieving lean low-calorie food.

No One Likes to Clean the Grill.
When cooking on a grill, the fat drippings and the food itself stick to the grill bars. They then become thick layers of carbonized (greasy) food residue. No matter what material or method is used for manufacturing the grill grates, they always need to be cleaned.  We all hate it!

So, the same grill is often used without a serious cleaning. Consequently, the food residue from earlier cooking becomes a part of the new fresh food making it taste bitter.

Such food residue is known to be harmful. So, when the residue is not cleaned, many unpleasant things can occur.

Consider the following:
When you use a grill at a public park, the “black thing” marking your new food is actually from the previous use of the grill by someone else.

Who knows what they cooked there before! In one example, someone allergic to oysters was sent to an emergency room, after eating a (beef) steak in a restaurant. And more.

Good News for Grill Users!
Clean BBQ™, a newly patented item, is introduced to eliminate all these problems. It is manufactured (in the U.S.A.) by using the same clean heavy-duty foil (3 mills thick) produced for disposable cooking pans.

We use a larger amount of aluminum foil for fabricating a piece of Clean BBQ™ than that needed for making a comparable cooking pan. This big piece of thick foil, which is perforated with corrugations to perfectly fit over the grill bars, permits free flow of hot gas around the food!

By placing a piece of Clean BBQ™ over the grill, you will enjoy the cleanest and safest grill-cooked tasty food ever.

Food-sticking to the Grill? Worry Less!
A little amount of vegetable oil coated or sprayed over the upper surface of Clean BBQ™ before placing it over the grill will greatly minimizes the food-sticking.

Grill-cooking by Clean BBQ is Tastier. 
No bitter-tasting black (burned and residual) strips become a part of your food.  Yes, you will enjoy only browned nutty-tasting fully smoke-flavored cooking!

Gone is the Agony of Scrubbing Grill Bars.
After enjoying a tasty BBQ meal, you will never need to clean the grill. Simply recycle the used Clean BBQ™.

More Good News!
Since Clean BBQ™ is flexible (like in an accordion), this new product fits on most grills as long as they have straight grill bars and regardless of the distance between them. For the same reason, this product can be used in other food cooking devices with a grill such as kitchen (wall) ovens and even small electric (toaster) oven.

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