Does aluminum cause Alzheimer’s disease?

According to recent Havard University studies by Dr. Ashley Bush (Wall Street Journal, 12/26/03), it does not. Dr. Bush never saw aluminum as a culprit discarding a largely discredited earlier theory that aluminum might cause the disease.

What can I do to avoid flare-ups on the grill while using Clean BBQTM?

Avoid fat accumulation within the grill: Trim fat layers out of meat; eliminate chicken skins; use smaller amounts of oil in marinating foods; and regularly wipe out the accumulated fat puddles/layers in the grill.

Do I need to grease or use a non-stick spray when grilling with Clean BBQ grill liner?

Yes, you may, although Clean BBQTM somewhat resists sticking to your favorite recipes.

What is the size of Clean BBQ?

12 x 20 inches. For very large grills, more than one piece may be used. Or, you may cut it small for simple cooking.

Would Clean BBQTM fit my grill?

CleanBBQTM fits most standard grills, thanks to its flexibility like in an accordion.

What is Clean BBQTM made of?

The same heavy-duty aluminum (3 mills thick) used for manufacturing disposable cooking pan.

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